Rightfully (NEAT!)


Changed password. Felt good.

They want us to be in debt. It keeps them happy.

realizing you’ll never be better than


I am a gamer. I don’t work for Microsoft.

I, like most other gamers, am sick of seeing endless rumours and speculation citing “anonymous sources” or “insiders” with no evidence, no proof, no guarantee that they’ve been fact-checked or can be relied on.

The games industry is the only one I can…

Today feels like…

I have the need. The need for tweed.


Mitt Romney just told the moderator that he would get laid off if America elects Mitt Romney.

Are you listening, Sasha?

Are you listening, Sasha?


First international travel in nearly a decade…. Coming up next month. :D I am excite.

To Germany.


As former Nintendo Power greats, Jason and Jenni took the news that Nintendo Power would soon be shipping its last issue like a Deku Nut to the head.

We’ve been seeing tributes around the internet, and decided to throw our two gold coins in. Then we thought, hey, we know a lot of the former…